Software Implementation


Important Benefits

Software Implementation is distinguished service offered by Ultimate Solutions for clients. The most important benefits of this service are:​

  1. Practicing users knowledge and skills directly on Software.
  2. Using workshop method that achieves users interaction.
  3. Ensuring client’s safe shifting to use systems on time defined in implementation plan.
  4. Exceeding Software configuration phases, charts building, groups organization, and setting privileges according to business nature with the help of Ultimate Experts supervision.                 
  5. Granting the clients’ employees required trust to make use of systems capabilities.

General Objectives of Software Implementation

  1. To make the client employees apply their knowledge and skills directly in their work places.
  2. To overcome configuration phases, charts building, groups organizing, privileges clients according to business activity nature by client with the help and supervision of ONYX Pro Implementation consultant. 
  3. To grant the necessary confidence for client’s employees to make use of software capabilities.
  4. To ensure safe shift of to use software on time defined in implementation plan.

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Implementation Method

  • Prior Coordination and agreement with client on all what effect on implementation process outputs.
  • Designing a timed plan of implementation for client with clear objectives, tasks, duties, and to be signed. 
  • Applying workshop style that achieves users interaction in work sessions.

Preparation for Implementation

Implementation consultant starts with the required preparatory steps after s/he assigned to implement either any software, ONYX Pro package, or Motakamel Plus Software for the client. The most important of these steps:

  1. Make an appointment with the client as and pay a first visit is to study the client business environment and requirements.
  2. Get knowledge about the client’s general view in software implementation from the entitled person. 
  3. Coordinate with system administrator who will be with involved with the consultant in implementation process and entitled to signing reports.
  4. Make sure of client’s data readiness and quality level; in addition to provide remarks to develop them.
  5. Design a special and suitable model for the client’s business nature to   prepare client data.
  6. Design implementation plan, discuss it with the client and sign on the plan.
  7. The necessity to prepare each visit according to the previous visit results and the requirements of implementation plan.
  8. Take models of quality and sessions minutes to be signed. 

Implementation Plan

The following items are the most important components of implementation plan for any software or ONYX Pro Software package:

  1. Defining time you need for implementing one or a group of Ultimate Solutions software.
  2. Distributing the tasks and objectives of implementation sessions between the plan days in the day, hour of starting, and hour of completing.  
  3. Specifying   the consultant and client responsibilities in executing the plan items.
  4. Specifying the client team who will be involved in implementation process, nominating entitled system administrator, and specifying work place.

Implementation Session

The usual and regular tasks of implementation consultant in every visit of ONYX Pro programs implementation visits, which are:

  1. Taking backup of work and saving it in the path agreed upon. 
  2. Executing tasks specified in implementation plan in form of an official session of training.
  3. Giving chance for users to use software and correct their mistakes not working on their behalf.
  4. Discussing users and making sure that they have acquire knowledge and skills form work session.
  5. Providing necessary recommendations for users in order to develop their performance or to prepare what is required for the coming session.
  6. Signing work session minute with client before leaving. 

Implementation Completion

  1. It is necessary to complete the required sessions of implementation with users according to the plan that had been prepared and signed in the first basic visit to the customer.
  2. The consultant  shall supervise on users performance in ultimate sessions of implementation through making them inputting various transactions as well as  issuing important samples for the client reports to be audited and signed by the client.
  3. The consultant shall make sure that the system administrator manages his/her tasks in the ultimate session of implementation. 
  4. In the ultimate session of implementation, the consultant and client have to sign on the record of implementation process completion declaring that the responsibility of work has been transferred to the client.

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Clients Review

Gassan AbdulfattahFinancial Manager - Construction Real Estate Company
Read More
"The most important feature of Onyx Pro Software is the configuration based on our institution activity in real estates. In addition to that, Onyx Pro Software outputs are an important source to help decision-makers. Moreover, the most important feature is the process of creating cost centers through which we could know our projects costs in the same high-precision that documentary cycle passes through. Onyx Pro Software have provided us with more security for our data by its strong database."
Wadah Abdul Ghani Al-ShargabiFinancial Manager - Red Sea Industries Co., Ltd
Read More
"With Onyx Pro software, we could link the company branches with head office easily. Then we could regulate the internal procedures and activate monitoring. Furthermore, the application of Onyx Pro in various departments of the company has encouraged our staff by facilitating work procedures. All these have provided security for company owners in addition to miscellaneous and precise reports they get."
Mohammed Abdul Wali AlasbahiFinancial Manager - Farms Co. goodness for trade and investment
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"Our organization administrative success is characterized by the use of financial software with integrated accounting features, users privileges, precise transactions, easiness of issuing various reports, and linking internal accounting entities and branches, and so others have been achieved by using Onyx Pro Software. In addition to our professional staff who could use Onyx Pro Software with all its features."
Rashad Mansour HailIT Manager - Company Sanabani for agriculture and poultry
Read More
"The strength of ONYX Pro Software is in database strength, easiness of using system screens and the outputs of good and miscellaneous reports. ONYX Pro Software need only pro forma improvements for interfaces."
Mohammed Salem AlfaqeerFinancial Manager - Rawa’t Alehsas Foundation
Read More
"Onyx Pro Systems are more than fascinating as they meet our work requirements and needs. The best thing I would like to tell you about is that when we decided to use Onyx systems and the transition to computerization, we have implemented that in a very record time as planned with high precision and procedures of organized labor. My heartfelt thanks to all staff of Ultimate Solutions and technical support team."

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